Astral Aviation is pleased to announce its 2012 freighter schedule from its Nairobi hub to its East African network using its fleet of DC9 and B727 aircrafts effective 1st February 2012.

Having completed 5 years of flying a schedule network in East Africa, Astral Aviation is proud to offer a reliable and efficient network for your cargoes.

From To Flight No. ETD ETA Frequency Aircraft Notes
Nairobi Juba 8V/080 08:00    09:20 Wed, Sat DC9F/B727F Direct 
Nairobi Juba 8V/080 14:00  15:20 Mon  DC9F/B727F Direct 
Nairobi Juba 8V/080 07:00  12:00  Fri  DC9F/B727F via EBB
Nairobi Mwanza 8V/025 15:00 15:50 Wed, Sat DC9F Direct 
Nairobi Dar es Salaam  8V/060 06:00  07:00 Sun DC9F/F27 Direct
Nairobi Moroni 8V/060 06:00   09:00  Sun  DC9F/F27 via DAR 
Nairobi Pemba 8V/060 06:00 11:00 Sun DC9F/F27 Direct 
Nairobi Mogadishu 8V/005 09:00 10:20 Thu DC9F/B727F Direct 
Nairobi Entebbe 8V/010 07:00 08:00 Fri DC9F Direct 
Entebbe Juba 8V/080 11:00 12:00 Fri DC9F Direct 
Nairobi Kigali 8V/070 17:00 18:00 Fri DC9F Direct 

Effective 20th May 2013

  • Aircraft types: DC9-Freighter.
  • Cargo is loaded on 6 PAG/PAJ Pallets of 88” x 125” or 223 x 317 cms on main-deck .
  • Maximum weight per pallet is 2,400 kgs & Height restriction is 190 cms.
  • Cargo door dimensions: 205.7cm x 345.4 cm (81 inches x 136 inches).
  • All timings are based on local time.

The above flight schedule is subject to change


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