Drone Solutions

Drone Solutions


  • Air Transport of Oil and Gas equipment from the Central Logistics Hub to the oilfields.
  • Payload Up to 2000kg


  • Perimeter security.
  • Intrusion alert.
  • Security of oil fields and critical facilities.

Aerial Surveillance

  • Infrastructure Surveillance
  • Accident and Damage Assessment.
  • Disaster response.

Aerial Structural Inspection

  • Inspection of oil rigs, storage tank and oil field infrastructure.
  • Flare stack inspections.
  • Elevated structure inspection for wear, corrosion and damages.
  • Emergency Inspection

Emergency Response

  • Aerial Information on oil leaks and spills
  • Safety enhancement and evacuation.

Mapping of Oil Fields

  • Fast and accurate acquisition of aerial images of production sites.
  • Geological mapping and survey using 3D imaging.
  • Oil prospecting.

Supply Chain

  • Monitoring the supply chain of crude oil byroad/rail.
  • Emergency response in case of accidents / incidents