Astral is the most reliable and efficient freighter operator for emergency relief charters and humanitarian operations to any region in Africa. We provide an air-bridge service in times of emergencies, which enables the transportation by air of cargoes inbound to Africa from any worldwide destination. We have participated in various emergency relief operations in Africa most notably the Niamey Famine, the Darfur Crisis, the Southern Sudan Relief Operations, the Mozambique & Madagascar Floods, the Eastern D. R. Congo Crisis, the Goma Volcano Eruption, and the Humanitarian Crises in Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea.

In January 2005, we were humbled and honored to perform various humanitarian relief charters for the Tsunami affected countries, in particular Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

Our list of extensive list of clients includes various UN agencies, M.S.F, World Vision, I.C.R.C & I.F.R.C, MERLIN, GOAL, CARE, African Union, USAID, Save the Children, to name but a few.

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