Our network

Our network

Within its intra-African network, which encompasses 50 destinations, Astral operates a combination of scheduled and ad-hoc charters along with value-added leasing services. Its interline agreements with over 20 Interline Partners; along with preferential agreements with the leading global and local freight forwarders; and partnerships with over 25 global GSA’s facilitate the consolidation and transshipment of in-bound cargoes at the freighter-friendly Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Astral Aviation’s focus is to maintain a solid intra-African network which will be served by a combination of schedule and charter flights. Its current footprint which encompasses Eastern Africa with its dynamic Nairobi hub enables it to actively serve the economies of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Mozambique, Somalia and South Sudan with its current F27, DC9 & B727 Fleet.

Astral Aviation’s ultimate strategy is to operate the largest cargo network in Africa.

Hub Nairobi

Astral’s business philosophy is based on the Hub & Spoke Model which it has successfully implemented for the past 16 years.

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) has earned the reputation as the premier passenger and cargo hub of Sub Saharan Africa, and was rated by ACI as being the leading Cargo Airport in Africa.

The recent expansion at JKIA allows for greater consolidation and warehousing of cargoes at the freighter friendly airport in addition to the creation of additional parking bays at the cargo apron.

Astral promotes the consolidation of cargoes at Nairobi for onward air-freight to the regional economies of Eastern Africa comprising of Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Mozambique, Somalia and South Sudan with plans for further expansion into D. R. Congo, Madagascar, Mayotte and Zambia.

Hub Lagos

In 2017/18, Astral Aviation will set up its new Lagos hub which will be operated by 2 x B737F to cater for the oil and gas cargoes in West Africa which is currently being under-served due to lack of capacity.

Hub Johannesburg

In 2018, Astral Aviation will operate two freighters from its third hub in Johannesburg to cater for the Southern African market which includes prime destinations such as Luanda, Lusaka, Harare amongst others.