Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Astral Aviation has a CSR Policy which is different from any other cargo airline in East Africa.

The Left Foot Sports

One of the large CSR initiatives is the Astral Aviation Football League run in partnership with Left Foot Sports Ltd, a company whose goal to develop Amateur Football in Kenya as a service to all who love the game.

Some of the Kenyan Charities supported by this unique partnership in the past have been:-

  • The Deaf and Dumb School – Murang’a Town.
  • The Jalaram Wheel Chair foundation.
  • Donation to ICRC for food to Kenya’s troubled areas.
  • The Mwangaza Organization in Kitui.
  • The Anchor of Hope children’s home.
  • To rehabilitate 3 government primary schools whose grounds are being used for the football tournaments
  • Partnership with MSF France on school equipment for children that cannot afford them.
  • Donations through the Rhino Ark to construct electric fencing around Kenya’s major rain forests.

Apart from Donations to individuals who are less privileged, Astral Aviation has gone into conservative efforts and has given donations to support conserve Marine Wildlife, in particular the Whale Shark.