Our Newly Acquired B747-400 Freighter

Network Airline Management and Astral Aviation Poised for Growth in Africa with Long-Term Lease of New 747-400F read more

Four times in a row

Astral Aviation wins the African All Cargo Carrier of the Year 2017 read more

B747 400F

Now Flying from Nairobi - London and Liege twice weekly read more

B727 200F

Now flying from Nairobi to Juba, Mwanza, Mogadishu, Pemba, Dar-es-Salaam, Zanzibar, Moroni, Entebbe and Kigali read more

DC9 34F

Now flying from Nairobi to Juba, Mwanza, Mogadishu, Pemba, Dar-es-Salaam, Zanzibar, Moroni, Entebbe and Kigali read more

Fokker27 m500F

Now flying from Nairobi to Mwanza, Pemba, Mtwara, Zanzibar and Lokichar (Kapese) read more

Our Pan African Strategy

We fly to over 50 destinations in Africa read more

2016 Events:
15 - 18 March 2016. WCA, Abu Dhabi
15 - 17 March 2016. IATA World Cargo, Berlin
27 - 28 April 2016. Mozambique Mining, Oil & Gas Summit, Maputo
07 - 09 May 2016. AFRAA Aviation Stakeholders Convention, Kigali
23 - 24 May 2016. IATA Aviation Day, Abuja
14 - 16 June 2016. Air Cargo China, Shanghai
20 - 22 June 2016. AFRICA Air Cargo Summit, Addis Ababa
20 - 21 September 2016. Africa Security Forum, Addis Ababa
25 - 28 September 2016. 1st Neutral Air Partner Opening Global Meeting, Abu Dhabi
26 - 28 October 2016. TIACA Air Cargo Forum, Paris
Schedule flights

Johannesburg - Nairobi
Nairobi - London
Nairobi - Liege
Nairobi - Juba (South Sudan)
Nairobi - Pemba (Mozambique)
Nairobi - Dar es Salaam, Mwanza & Zanzibar (Tanzania)
Nairobi - Entebbe (Uganda)
Nairobi - Kigali (Rwanda)
Nairobi - Mogadishu (Somalia)
Nairobi - Kinshasa, Lubumbashi & Goma (DR Congo) - new
Nairobi - Brazaville (Congo) - new
Nairobi - Lusaka & Ndola (Zambia) - new
Nairobi - Moroni (Comoros)

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Charter flights

  1. East Africa
  2. Horn of Africa
  3. Central Africa
  4. Indian Ocean Islands
  5. Southern Africa
  6. West Africa
Destination Country
Mombasa Kenya
Lokichoggio Kenya
Eldoret Kenya
Kisumu Kenya
Wajir Kenya
Kapese Kenya
Dar es Salaam Tanzania
Mwanza Tanzania
Kilimanjaro Tanzania
Zanzibar Tanzania
Mtwara Tanzania
Entebbe Uganda
Destination Country
Asmara Eritrea
Addis Ababa Ethiopia
Djibouti Djibouti
Berbera Somalia
Hargeisa Somalia
Kismayo Somalia
El Fasher Sudan
El Obeid Sudan
Khartoum Sudan
Nyala Sudan
Malakal South Sudan
Juba South Sudan
Wau South Sudan
Paloich South Sudan
Destination Country
Luanda Angola
Bujumbura Burundi
Bangui Central African Republic
Acheche Chad
N'djamena Chad
Brazzaville Congo
Pointe Noir Congo
Bunia DR Congo
Goma DR Congo
Kindu DR Congo
Kinshasa DR Congo
Kisangani DR Congo
Lubumbashi DR Congo
Mbuji Mayi DR Congo
Kolwezi DR Congo
Destination Country
Moroni Comoros
Antananarivo Madagascar
Mauritius Mauritius
Dzaoudzi Mayotte
Reunion Reunion
Seychelles Seychelles
Destination Country
Lilongwe Malawi
Beira Mozambique
Maputo Mozambique
Pemba Mozambique
Nampula Mozambique
Nacala Mozambique
Mocimboa Mozambique
Johannesburg South Africa
Lusaka Zambia
Ndola Zambia
Harare Zambia
Destination Country
Ouagadougou Burkina Faso
Duala Cameroon
Malabo Equatorial Guinea
Libreville Gabone
Accra Ghana
Abijan Ivory Coast
Monrovia Liberia
Bamako Mali
Lagos Nigeria
Port Harcout Nigeria
Freetown Sierra Leone
Lome Togo

Project flights

On-demand flights

Mining | Oil & Gas | Peace Keeping | Elections | Telecom & Power... read more


Astral offers a unique but limited sea-air service from the Ports of Mombasa to the land-locked countries of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, D. R. Congo, Ethiopia, Southern Sudan, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe... read more


Astral is the most reliable and efficient freighter operator for emergency relief charters and humanitarian operations to any region in Africa. We provide an air-bridge service in times of emergencies... read more