Astral Aviation offers ad-hoc charters to over 50 destinations in the intra-Africa network on its own fleet. With over 21 years of experience in Charters, Astral can arrange full and part cargo charters from its Nairobi, Dubai and Johannesburg Hubs at relatively short notice.

Covid-19 Medical Items (PPEs, Ventilators, Testing Kits) & Vaccines Flights

  • Transported +15,000 tons of Covid-19 Medical Items in 2020 from China-India-Europe-Middle East to 32 Destinations in Africa in 2020
  • Approved Cargo Airline for the air-transport of Covid-19 Vaccines for UNICEF & AU to and within Africa for vaccines originating from Europe, India, China, UAE & USA.

Humanitarian, Aid & Relief Flights

  • On demand charters for Humanitarian, Aid & Relief Flights to and within Africa from Nairobi / Liege / Dubai / Johannesburg Hubs.
  • Over 20 years of experience in various emergency relief operations in Africa most notably the Niamey Famine, Darfur Crisis, Southern Sudan Relief Operations, Mozambique Cyclone & Floods, Eastern D. R. Congo Crisis, Goma Volcano Eruption, and the Humanitarian Crises in Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea.
  • In 2015, Astral performed in excess of 250 charters for emergency food aid from Juba to Malakal and Palouch using a fleet of B727-200 Freighter
  • Since 2016, Astral performed in excess of 300 charters for various aid agencies from Nairobi, Djibouti, Aqaba, Dubai & Salalah to Sanaa and Aden, Yemen.

Perishables Flights including Flowers, Vegetables, Live / Fresh / Frozen Fish & Meat

  • Air Transport of Flowers and Vegetables from Nairobi – Doncaster Airport and Liege on B747-400F
  • Air Transport of Flowers, Vegetables, Fruit and Fresh Meat from Nairobi – Dubai Airport on B767-200F
  • Air Transport of Flowers from Nairobi – Johannesburg and of Vegetables & Fruits from Johannesburg to Nairobi on B727-200F and B767-200F
  • Air Transport of Fresh and Live Fish from Pemba / Maputo / Nairobi to Guangzhou

Express / E-Commerce Cargoes

  • Air Transport of Express / E-Commerce Cargoes to and within 30 Destinations in Africa from Nairobi / Johannesburg Hubs

Peacekeeping & Rations

  • Air Transport of Contingent Owned Equipment (except Arms and Ammunitions) and Rations for various Peacekeeping Missions such as UNSOA, UNMISS, MINUSCA and MONUSCO

Project Cargoes

  • Telecom Cargoes, Power Equipment, Electoral Materials & Industrial Equipment,

Consumer Goods including Mobile Phones & Electronics

  • Air Transport of Mobile Phones & Electronics from China-India-Middle East to 50 Destinations in Africa.

Excess Baggage

  • Excess Baggage to and within Africa originating from China, India, Europe and Middle East.