Astral Aviation Spearheading Sustainability in the African Air Cargo Space

Astral Aviation Spearheading Sustainability in the African Air Cargo Space

Astral Aviation has been in operation for the past 22 years, based out of its Nairobi Hub, they have been serving the African Continent through efficient and innovative air logistics solutions.

As part of the TIACA membership Astral aviation has benefited through world class innovative solutions through benchmarking with the best in class cargo logistic peers and it is in this prism that Astral Aviation is proud to be part of the initial cohort of the launch members of the Blue Sky sustainability initiative.

Among the key actionable priorities:

  • Through its subsidiary, Astral Aerial, a drone aircraft operator, Astral Aviation has supported various environmental initiatives in Kenya and across Africa. Astral Aerial uses drones to map areas for forest plantation and seed distribution this has helped to enhance forest cover over a vast areas of deforested land.
  • Astral Aviation has also actively engaged in the combat of illegal wildlife trade to protect endangered species. As a policy Astral will not carry any endangered species and works closely with the respective local wildlife organizations and authorities to stop the vice
  • Through its fleet diversity, astral aviation is enhancing connectivity and unlocking markets in areas in hardship areas like Somalia and South Sudan where most areas have unpaved runways thereby maintaining trade with these remote areas
  • Astral Aviation has been instrumental in healthcare supplies and vaccine distribution in hardship and conflict areas like Yemen, South Sudan and Somalia thereby ensuring that the quality of life is bearable for these hard to reach areas

With the world giving focus to sustainability Astral Aviation stands ready to contribute and to play an active role towards improving the quality of life and to saving our planet; we are honoured to be part of this initiative.

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